Episode # 75 - "The Mysterious New Soldier! Sailor Pluto Makes Her Appearance"

(謎の新戦士! セーラープルート登場) 

A new Senshi appears in front of the Sailor Senshi, Sailor Pluto

The new enemy, Esmeraude, locates a negative point with her earring 

Episode # 76 - "The Magical Power of the Darkness! The Aggression of Esmeraude"

(暗黒の魔力! エスメロードの侵略) 

Episode # 77 "Our Hearts Match! Love For Usagi and Mamoru Once Again"

(想いは同じ! うさぎと衛の愛再び) 

Usagi rushes back into Mamoru's arms 

Nurse Minako ruins Rei's cassette player 

Episode # 78 -" Venus Minako's Nurse Mayhem"


Episode # 79 -"Artemis' Adventure! The Demonic Animal Kingdom"

(アルテミスの冒険! 魔の働物王国) 

The distracted Sailor Soldiers are captured by Dogbar 

Sailor Mercury is plagued by Giwaku's illusions 

Episode # 80 - "A Horrifying Apparition! Ami in Solitude"

(恐怖の幻影! ひとりぼっちの亜美)

Episode # 81 - "The Completion of the Dark Gate? The Targeted Elementary School"

(暗黒ゲート完成? 狙われた小学校) 

Chibiusa is disturbed by Momoko's new personality 

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