Episode # 128 - "A Destined Encounter! The Evening Fluttering of the Pegasus"

(運命の出会い! ペガサスの舞う夜)

Chibiusa meets the Pegasus in her dreams 

Reika Nishimura, Motoki's girlfriend returns to Japan 

Episode # 129 - "Super Transformations Once Again! The Power of the Pegasus"

(スーパー変身再び! ペガサスの力) 

Episode # 130 - "Protect Our Mother's Dream! The New Special Moves For the Double Moon"

(守れ母の夢! Wムーンの新必殺技) 

Ikuko Tsukino is confused over her daughter's reaction to not having a slice of lemon pie 

Hawk's Eye shows his plan to trap the Pegasus 

Episode # 131 - "Capture the Pegasus! The Amazon's Trap"

(ペガサスを捕らえろ! アマゾンの罠) 

Episode # 132 - "A Couple Matched Perfectly! The Love of Usagi and Mamoru"

(お似合いの二人! うさぎと衛の愛) 

Usagi makes a tough decision: the donkey or the hippo 

Diana's parentage is revealed 

Episode # 133 - "Artemis Has an Affair? The Arrival of a Mysterious Kitten"

(アルテミスの浮気? 謎の子猫登場) 

Episode # 134 - "Makoto's Friendship! The Girl Who Longs For a Pegasus"

(まことの友情! 天馬に憧れた少女) 

Makoto tells the story of how she knows the famous young author Tomoko Takase 

The Pegasus contacts Chibiusa through the Stallion Rêve 

Episode # 135 - "Hearts that Resonate! Chibiusa and the Pegasus"

(触れ合う心! ちびうさとペガサス) 

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