Episode # 143 - "It's Time to Believe in Pegasus! The Super Transformations of the Four Senshi"

(天馬を信じる時! 4戦士の超変身) 

The Senshi power into their Super forms 

Tiger's Eye is distressed to come across the evil two-timing Minako Aino once more

Episode # 144 - "Sparkling Days of Summer! Ami, the Girl in the Ocean Breeze"

(きらめく夏の日! 潮風の少女亜美) 

Episode # 145 - "Aim to be the Prima! Usagi's Ballet"

(プリマをねらえ! うさぎのバレエ) 

Usagi and Chibiusa give advice to Kiriko 

Hawk's Eye pokes his lemures Elephanko to stop talking and do something 

Episode # 146 - "Holiday in the Juuban District! An Innocent Princess"

(十番街の休日! 無邪気な王女様) 

Episode # 147 - "The Partner of Destiny? Makoto's Naive Heart"

(運命のパートナー? まことの純情) 

 Makoto has her dream mirror removed

Usagi encounters a depressed Fisheye in the rain 

 Episode # 148 - "A Shadow of Great Evil! The Trio is Cornered"

(巨悪の影! 追いつめられたトリオ)

Episode # 149 - "The Mirror of Dreams! The Final Stage of the Amazon Trio"

(夢の鏡! アマゾン最後のステージ) 

The Amazon Trio receive their very own dreams mirrors 

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