Episode # 180 - "The Radiance of the Stars That Call Together! Haruka and Michiru Arrive To Battle"

(呼び合う星の輝き! はるか達参戦)  

Michiru playfully teases Haruka 

A stressed out Sailor Iron Mouse is shocked at the identity of Sailor Star Fighter 

Episode # 181 - "Seiya and Usagi's Heartpounding Date"


Episode # 182 - "An Invasion From Space! Seiren Comes Flying In"

(宇宙からの侵略! セイレーン飛来) 

Ikuko is confused at why Usagi doesn't recognise her little sister Chibichibi

A young Rei receives a pendant from her cousin Kengo 

Episode # 183 - "The Screams of Departed Souls!? A Mysterious Person At Terror Camp"

(死霊の叫び!? 恐怖キャンプの怪人) 

Episode # 184 - "A Night Just For The Two of Them! Usagi's Pinch"

(ふたりきりの夜! うさぎのピンチ) 

Eternal Sailor Moon distressed as the Tsukino dining room becomes the scene of a battle

 Disguised as nurse, Sailor Aluminum Seiren is ready to attack her latest target, Doctor Gere

Episode # 185 - "Taiki's Superb Song! A Song Carries a Heart That Believes"

(大気絶唱! 信じる心を歌にこめて)

 Episode # 186 - "Chibichibi's Mystery! The Great Troubling Pursuit"

(ちびちびの謎!? おさわがせ大追跡)


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