Episode # 193 - "The Stolen Ginzuishou! Princess Kakyuu Makes Her Appearance"

(うばわれた銀水晶! 火球皇女出現) 

Princess Kakyuu appears at last 

Rei and the girls find Usagi on the roof in the rain 

Episode # 194 - "The Holy War of the Galaxy! The Legend of the Sailor Wars"

(銀河の聖戦 セーラーウォーズ伝説) 

Episode # 195 - "Princess Kakyuu Burns Out! Galaxia's Descent"

(火球皇女消滅! ギャラクシア降臨) 

As she dies, Princess Kakyuu feels Chibichibi's warmth 

At Ginga TV, The Guardian Senshi are ready to perform their final battle together 

Episode # 196 - "The Countdown to the Galaxy's Ruin! The Final Battle of the Sailor Senshi"

(銀河滅びる時! S戦士最後の戦い) 

Episode # 197 - "Ruler of the Galaxy, Galaxia's Intimadation"

(銀河の支配者 ギャラクシアの脅威) 

Sailor Moon arrives too late to save Sailor Pluto and Saturn from Neptune and Uranus. 

Usagi dreams she is together with everyone again 

Episode # 198 - "Vanishing Stars! The Final Moments of Uranus and Neptune"

(消えゆく星々! ウラヌス達の最期) 

Episode # 199 - "The Light of Hope! Fighting The Final Battle For The Galaxy"


Sailor Galaxia reveals that she is the 'Kibou no Hikari', the Light of Hope

Usagi is finally reunited with all her friends 

Episode # 120 - "Usagi's Love! The Moonlight Illuminates the Galaxy"

(うさぎの愛! 月光銀河を照らす) 

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