Episode # 33 - "The Final Sailor Senshi, Venus Appears!"


 The final Sailor Senshi's grand appearance... Sailor Venus!

 The identity of the Moon Princess is revealed at last

Episode # 34 - "The Sparkling Ginzuishou! The Moon Princess Appears! 

(光輝く銀水晶! 月のプリンセス登場)

Episode # 35 - "Recalled Memories! Usagi and Mamoru's Past"

(よみがえる記憶! うさぎと衛の過去) 

 Kunzite grants Zoisite's final wish, to die beautifully

 Minako makes an attempt to get to know Usagi better and cheer her up

Episode # 36 - "Usagi's Confused! Has Tuxedo Kamen Turned Evil?" 

(うさぎ混乱! タキシード仮面は悪?) 

Episode # 37 - "To Be a Princess? Usagi's Strange Training"

(めざせプリンセス? うさぎの珍特訓) 

 Usagi displays frisbee throwing, one of her few talents, to Countess Rose

 Usagi, Rei and Yuuichirou on a mountain top  ready to ski

Episode # 38 - "The Snow! The Mountains! Our Friendship! And a Youma After All!"

(雪よ山よ友情よ! やっぱり妖魔もよ) 

Episode # 39 - "Paired With a Youma? The Queen of the Ice, Makochan"

(妖魔とペア!? 氷上の女王まこちゃん) 

 Janelyn and the crowd applaud Makoto's remarkable ice skating

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