Act 1 - "Usagi - Sailor Moon" (うさぎ- SAILORMOON)

"Sailor Moon delivers her first ever iconic speech" 

"Ami Mizuno is the senshi of water, Sailor Mercury"

Act 2 - "Ami - Sailor Mercury" (亜美-SAILORMERCURY)

Act 3 - "Rei - Sailor Mars" (レイ-SAILORMARS)

"New senshi, Sailor Mars attacks Jadeite" 

"Usagi dances with a mysterious man" 

 Act 4 - "Masquerade - Masked Ball" (Masquerade-仮面舞踏会 )

Act 5 - "Makoto - Sailor Jupiter (まこと-SAILORJUPITER )

"Makoto Kino, Sailor Jupiter attacks with  her Flower Hurricane" 

"Luna designates the role of leader with the Moon Stick to Sailor Moon"

Act 6 - "Tuxedo Kamen -  Tuxedo Mask" (タキシード仮面-TUXEDO MASK )

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