Anza is the most popular Sailor Moon actress overall, despite this, I just couldn't understand it. By "Sailor Stars" I was actually sick of Anza. I can't understand why, now I love Anza and her musicals. Perhaps it was the early costumes, but to be honest. It's Anza's portrayal as Usagi. It was obviously, one lifted from the anime, and didn't feature much development until the last few scenes of Eien Densetsu Kaiteiban. Anza also was a little harsh at times where Usagi wouldn't understand the situation and sometimes her acting felt a little forced. However Anza's singing and overall positive energy certainly make her a lovable and memorable Usagi.


Fumina has negative reponses from fans, following the legendary ANZA, but personally, I don't feel its fair. Fumina herself was trying to shine some new light on the Usagi character and


Sailor Moon -

Definitely the weakest musical overall. However I would never say its bad. Only a single song makes me cringe and that's "Bara no Himitsu". The first show is a great start to the music of the series. The plot is a little thin, it started well, similar to an anime episode, a character becomes a Youma and the Senshi discover it, this time its none other than Haruna Sakurada who invites the girls on a foreign adventure leads everyone in a fun dance to "Natsu wo Shimashou Vacation". Rei of course uses her Aku Ryo Tai San and gets scolded for being rude and the Senshi never get their overseas trip. the Codename wa Sailor V manga was referenced in this musical in Minako's solo "Namikimichi no Koi" (an allusion to chapter eight of the Sailor V manga  - Namikimichi no Koi - Taabo Zenki Baribari! Hen). The infamous Shitennou / Guardian Senshi picture plays a role in the story. The Senshi are paired up on a quadruple date with the disguised Shitennou (while poor Usagi pretends to fit in during "Saikyou no Couple Gundan"). Following this, the plot becomes a little tedious. The major drawback of this musical however is the costumes. Queen Beryl's outfit looked like a glitzy Christmas Tree, luckily the actress makes up a little. Usagi's wearing overalls... Makoto has a sunhat that doesn't suit her. Minako, the Shitennou and Haruna are the only characters with tolerable outfits. The budget was evidently low for this production. 


Shin Densetu  Kourin -

Enter Fumina Hara as the new Sailor Moon and she's off to a good start. A fresh more elegant Usagi (perhaps a little too elegant...). Fumina may be a great singer and dancer, her biggest problem is her lack of facial expressions which are usually appear confused or angry, or perhaps its due to the amount of make up on. The musical itself is nothing new, its basically the SuperS Yume Senshi, Sailor Stars and Eien Densetsu meshed together, and despite what others say, I feel it works together wonderfully. Kakyuu and the Starlights are missing from the cast now (much to the disappointment of a small girl in the Fan Kasha for the musical), and the Amazon Trio seem to take their place. Sailor Chibimoon returns and Yuuta Mochizuki takes the role of King Endymion. Sailor Galaxia and Queen Beryl are once again the main villains, but rather than the Animamates and Shitennou, Sailors Phi, Chi and Theta appear instead with new outfits along with a few pierrot. Several songs reappear, including the very popular "Galaxia Gorgeous" and "Amazon kara Circus Dan ga Yatte Kita". "Dead Moon no Kuroi Dream" has received new lyrics as "Amazon Trio no Yume Sagashi" and Triple Dreams returns with a little change as Triple Dreams '98, fixing the major problem from the original: getting rid of Tamaki Dia Shirai. Quite a new songs such are "Kokoro Tabanete Makin' For the Right", "Seishun no Shoumi Kigen" and the very popular (and personal favourite), theme song of the musical "Everlasting Moonlight" appear. Shin Densetu Kourin is definitely a musical for the fans in this context. Plot-wise, Shin Densetsu begins like "Yume Senshi" by having the girls invited along to the Dead Moon Circus by the Trio, who are actually being bossed around Beryl who is under Galaxia's orders, later the musical involves Beryl sharing her unrequited love and Galaxia becoming good again, same old story, but we love it nonetheless. This musical has quite a number of jokes and small comic scenes to break the tension, such as the girls in a gameshow trap where Tiger's Eye attempts to kiss a squirming Fisheye on the lips and Usagi trying to push for Belgian Waffles as her subject. Tiger's Eye trying to work out Chibichibi's connection to Galaxia by gossiping about it to everyone, and of course the old Uonome joke. My favourite scene of this musical (or of any musical for that matter) is the Curtain Call, where Yuri Nishima uses her hands to dance to the line in the reprise of "Everlasting Moonlight" - 'subete subete subete'. Something about the way she does it, I just love. Don't ask me why. Yuri Nishima leaves the musicals as Beryl after this regrettably but we welcome the new Uranus: Nao Takagi who would remain until "Mugen Gakuen ~ Mistress Labyrinth". No Yuuka Asami yet so something's a litle off. The remaining cast... there's not much to say, they're not especially bad, they're just not very noticeable nor did they stay for very long, most are gone by the new musical, however, the Galaxia, Takemi plays the character with a little bit more femininity than others, especially in "Galaxia Gorgeous". A nice new fresh sound, but its the last we will see of her unfortunately. Hikari Ono's back as Hawk's Eye and our new Tiger's Eye and Fisheye are a great match for the originals. Tiger's Eye is played more flamboyantly, like his manga counterpart than his manly anime form, which again is a nice addition to the musical. In case you didn't notice, Sailor Jupiter is none other than Anza's little sister Chiho Ooyama. Sailor Pluto's Yuki Kamiya is an adequent Setsuna, although she's on the short side which is a bit odd when she stands next to the Senshi but she's a great singer. Shin Densetsu Kourin is one of my favourite musicals personally, even if it isn't the most original or have the best cast in it. Let's wish Fumina luck.  

Sailor Moon Usagi Ai no Senshi e no Michi

A little disappointing that the Black Moon arc was skipped out altogether for the second musical series. However, you may notice that this episode has part of its plot directly taken from an old Berthier episode (Yay Berthier <333) in which Ami considers retiring and going to Germany to study. Kaolinite appears to be the main villain in this musical, despite Tomoe appearing as well. Kaolinite has more scenes, more songs and is just more important. Good for her. I was never a Kaolinite fan but Keiko Hanayama's portrayal completely turned me around. Since this musical was shown before the Mugen Gakuen arc of the anime, to not spoil things, the academy as well as the Witches 5 don't appear. Although new senshi Uranus and Neptune say the line "Mugen Gakuen!" in "Chou Bi! Uranus to Neptune", there doesn't appear to be a real reason. Well this musical takes it plot from Kaolinite's arc of the anime, that Berthier episode and there are some elements of Cyprine's much later episode. Hotaru and Sailor Pluto do not appear in this musical... Sort of... Kanoko (Sailor Jupiter) stands in the shadows with a Garnet Rod as Sailor Pluto for a line or two, I don't think it really counts personally X3. Her outfit hasn't even changed. Instead of the Witches, there are the Death Nightmares (who go on to play a very important role in the Dracul Series), the Nightmares are Kaolinite's servants. There is also Tomoe's bumbling group the Death Mannetjes, who fill the comic relief role. Although some may not like them too much, I personally find Debu Re being too fat to disguise himself as Tuxedo Kamen and Anza having to tell him to stand over there hilarious. The comedy is greater in this one than the previous, this musical also begins to Ayako Morino element of the First Stage, Sailor Mercury from here on plays a massive role in the musicals, first with "Dream Yume wa Ookiku" and from here on until the end of the stage (with the exception of the Eien Densetsu original musical, Mercury plays a larger role than any Senshi, taking over from Venus in the manga, Mars in the  



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