Black Moon Signal (ブラック・ムーン Signal)

Black Moon Signal is Black Lady's image song from the Sera Myu production "Tanjou! Ankoku no Princess Black Lady". The first woman to perform this song as Black Lady previously held the role of Chibiusa in "Usagi Ai no Senshi e no Michi". This song frightens everyone. Please don't come to close and don't look directly at Mao Kawasaki. Those chubby fingers get you in your sleep. 



ブラック・ムーン Signal
ブラック・ムーン Signal



ブラック・ムーン Signal
ブラック・ムーン Signal



Burakku Muun Signal
Kono mune wa kanashimi ni mamire
Burakku Muun Signal
Hitai no mikazuki wa 

Bousou wo hajimeru

Mada mezame shiranu mono yo
Mada mezame kirenu mono yo
Tsubasa ga nakute mo yami wa toberu
Chikara de te ni ireru ai ga aru to
Jakoku no piasu ni kakete oshie you

Burakku Muun Signal
Kono ude wa kanashimi ni somari
Burakku Muun Signal

Mirai wa nigezu ni koko ni aru no ka 

English Translation

Black Moon Signal
This heart is buried in sadness
Black Moon Signal
This crescent moon on my forehead

Will begin the chaos

Those who are still ignorant of their awakening
Those who are still knowing of their awakening
Without wings, the darkness will still soar
Surrender your love to the power of these hands
Put on the Jakoku earrings and we shall teach you

Black Moon Signal
These arms are in the colour of sadness
Black Moon Signal

There is not escape for the future, for it is already here

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