Gondola no Koibitotachi (ゴンドラの恋人達)

Gondola no Koibitotachi (The Lovers on the Gondola) is a love duet between Mamoru and Usagi, it makes its first apperance in "Usagi - Ai no Senshi e no Michi". This song contains a hint of irony, although they discuss how no one will interrupt their love, an almost immediate interruption appears in the form of Chibiusa with "Matamata Chibiusa Desu". In the song, Usagi also mentions "misanga", which are a kind of promise ring, in the Sailor Moon anime, Usagi attempts to make them in R during episode 77. 



あなたの瞳に 笑顔映して
愛 たしかめる


午後の 日射し そのものね

きみには 勝てない
そのひたむきさを 見てしまったら

つい 抱き寄せて しまいたくなる

うっとりする 嬉しいわ


素直に しあわせを 絵にしたら
みつめ合う それだけで
バラ色に つつまれるよ

だれにも じゃまされず
おもいきり デイトだなんて
たそがれて 一番星 見つかっても



Anata no hitomi ni hohoemi utsushite 
Ai tashikameru 

Minamo ni yureru

Futari no kimochi 
Gogo no hizashi sono mono ne

Kimi ni wa katenai 
Sono hitamukisa wo mite shimattara 

Tsui dakiyosete shimaitaku naru

Uttori suru ureshii wa

Tezukuri no misanga (misanga) 
Osoroi nano yo (futari de) 
Negaigoto wa hitotsu yo 
Anata to no yakusoku 
Itsumade mo to

Sunao ni shiawase wo e ni shitara 
Kyou no futari ne 
Mitsumeau sore dake de 
Bara iro ni tsutsumareru yo

Dare ni mo jama sarezu 
Omoikiri deito da nante 
Tasogarete ichiban-boshi mitsukatte mo 


English Translation

Inside your eyes is a reflection of your smile 
It's proof of our love 

The surface of the water ripples 

The two of us, our feelings 
Are just like the sunlight in the afternoon 

I can never win against you 
When I look at your dedication 

I'm unconsciously desperate to hold you tight

This is a spellbound happiness

Handcrafted misanga, (misanga) *
That match, (the two of them) 
Our dreams will become one 
We'll both make a promise 
For all eternity

If we honestly displayed our happiness
The two of us, today 
Just gazing at each other 
Would be encompassesd in rose colours

Nobody can interfere 
How full of love this date is 
At sunset, we'll come across the first star 

But we won't go home just yet 

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