Moonlight Justice

Moonlight Justice is a song performed by Sailor Moon, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Pluto, Sailor Saturn and Tuxedo Kamen in "Shin Kaguya Shima Densetsu" and its kaiteiban when they are attacked en route to Kaguya Shima. 


Moon twilight
月のnoise 胸に宿れば
Moonlight justice この光

Day and night共鳴し合い
Day and night招かざる人

Planet twilight
惑星のnoise 胸に響けば
Star knight justice この光
いつだって そう いつだって
私の夢は 私です

I'll give a shock!

Feel so justice! 


Moon twilight
Tsuki no noise mune ni yadoreba
Moonlight justice kono hikari
Inochi ni todoku yo
Fukiareru kaze ni sekai ga kuzure
Akirame to iu na ni toki wa tomatte mo
Tenshi no kuchibue kono yubi ni nose
Ikizuku ashita okurimasu

Day and night kyoumeishi ai
Day and night manekazaru hito
Sono ikari no tsume kazashite
Nikushimi dake motte umareta no ka

Planet twilight
Hoshi no noise mune ni hibike ba
Watashi no naka no
Star knight justice kono hikari
Yuuki shinjite
Inochi ni todoke to
Itsudatte sou itsudatte
Watashi no yume wa watashi desu

I'll give a shock!

Feel so justice! 

English Translation

Moon twilight 
If the noise of the moon dwells within my heart
Moonlight justice, this light 
Will be carried into life
The world falls to the stormy wind
Even when time stops in the name of surrender
An angel's whistle is placed on these fingers 
I'll send tomorrow, sighing each breath

Day and night, they sympathise with each other 
Day and night, those people are uninvited 
Hold out those claws of wrath 
Was it only hatred you were born with? 

Planet twilight 
If the noise of the stars resounds in my heart 
Within me, 
Star knight justice, this light 
Have faith in my courage 
Will be carried into life
Always, that's right, always 
My dream is myself

I'll give a shock! 

Feel so justice!  

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