Orleans no Sei Senshi (オルレアンの聖戦士)

Orleans no Sei Senshi (The Holy Soldiers of Orleans) was the opening number for "Eien Densetsu" and its kaiteiban. It was performed by Usagi, Ami, Makoto, Minako, Hotaru and Three Lights for a school performance. Its melody is shared with La Fatalite Sei Senshi. The song foreshadows later events in the musical regarding Sailors Uranus and Neptune.



リラの風吹く 誘いか
おぼろ水面の ヴィヨロンか
夢よ 惑いの徒し世に
咲きし ひと振り 花の剣

レゼトワーレ *
愛の刃が 裁く宿世の
ラ リュミエール **
逢瀬 儚き 別れの衣
La Fatalité,La Fatalité
de l'amour***

愛の刃が 裁く宿世を
ラ リュミエール
飾れ 絢爛 終の炎で

La Fatalité,La Fatalité
de l'amour

English Translation

Rira no kaze fuku izanai ka
Oboro minamo no viyoron ka
Yume yo madoi no adashi yo ni
Sakishi hitofuri hana no ken

Rezetowaare *
Ai no yaiba ga sabaku sukuse no
Ra ryumieeru **
Ouse hakanaki wakare no koromo
La Fatalité, La Fatalité, 
de l'amour ***

Ai no yaiba ga sabaku sukuse wo
Ra ryumieeru
Kazare kenran tsui no honoo de

La Fatalité, La Fatalité, 
de l'amour 

English Translation

Is this temptation being carried by the lilas* wind?
Is this a violon* from the dim water's surface?
Dreams, they are a frivulous world of delusions
Where the sword of flowers that we swing will bloom

Les étoiles *
The blade of love that  judge our previous existence
La lumière **
This momentary rendezvous is are garment of farewell 
La Fatalité, La Fatalité, 
de l'amour ***

Les étoiles 
The blade of love that  judge our previous existence
La lumière 
Adorn it with the brilliant flames of the end

La Fatalité, La Fatalité, 
de l'amour

 "Les étoiles" (レゼトワーレ) means "the stars" in French.

** "La lumière" (ラ リュミエール) means "the light" in French.

*** "La Fatalité, La Fatalité, de l'amour" means "The Fatality, The Fatality, of love" in French.

* "Lilas" is French for "Lilac"

* "Violon" is French for "Violin"

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