Usagi Circus Show Time (ウサギサーカスShow Time)

Usagi Circus Show Time is a song from "Sailor Moon SuperS - Yume Senshi - Ai - Eien ni..." and its kaiteiban. It is also the curtain call number for both musicals and an instrumental portion briefly appears in the Best Songs Medley. 



おあつまりの お客様を
不思議の国へ ご案内
世界一の Rabbit Circus
ハラハラドキドキ 技の数々

いかがですか お楽しみは
しんぞうドキリ 目は眩む
世界一の Crazy Show Time
これから見せます クライマックス

おあつまりの お客様に
幸運と幸福 さしあげる
世界一の Rabbit Circus
秘術の御披露目 効き目ばいかが

花のラスト 呼吸を止めて
空中ブランコ お待ちかね
世界一の Crazy Show Time

いよいよ登場 スターカップル


Oatsumari no okyakusama wo
Fushigi no kuni e goannai
Sekai ichi no Rabbit Circus
Harahara dokidoki waza no kazukazu

Ikaga desu ka otanoshimi wa
Shinzou dokiri me wa kuramu
Sekaiichi no Crazy Show Time
Kore kara misemasu kuraimakkusu

Oatsumari no okyaku-sama ni
Tsuki to shiawase sashi ageru
Sekaiichi no Rabbit Circus
Hijutsu no ohirome kikime wa ikaga

Hana no rasuto iki wo tomete
Kuuchuu buranko omachi ka ne
Sekaiichi no Crazy Show Time

Iyoiyo toujou sutaa kappuru 

English Translation

Our distinguished guests, assembled here 
From a mysterious land, let us show you 
The world's finest Rabbit Circus 
See our thrilling and exciting acts

How are you finding it? Enjoying yourself? 
Your heart will pound, your eyes will be dazzled 
The world's finest Crazy Show Time 
From here on, we'll show you the climax

To our distinguished guests, gathered here 
We send good fortune and happiness 
It's the world's finest Rabbit Circus 
Debuting their secret arts, how's the impression on you

The flowers will stop your last breath
Swinging from the sky, it's the long awaited, 
World's finest Crazy Show Time 

Finally, they've arrived, our star couple 

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