Usagi Papparanpappa (うさぎ パッパラ ンパッパー) 

Usagi Papparanpappa is a song from "Kaguya Shima Densetsu" and its kaiteiban. However it does not appear as a separate song in either the original musical or on the album. This song is in actual fact the last verse of 'Hyouchaku Shita Keredo...'. However in the "Natsuyasumi! Houseki Tankentai" kaiteiban, they appear as two songs in different parts of the musical. The two parts of the song have very different melodies and serve very different purposes to the musical



だいじょぶ だいじょぶ よろしくAll Right

パッパラ ンパッパー! 


Kyou no osakanasan sorato'n da
Dandon kamome no mina-san ureshii kai
Nami nori koneko-chan kon'nichiwa

Daijobu daijobu yoroshiku All Right


English Translation

Today, Mr. Fish flew into the sky 
Crash, bang, the seagulls, every one is happily delighted 
To the waveriding kitty-cats, good afternoon

It's okay, it's okay, best regards, All Right 


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