What For!? Shinjitsu no Kajitsu (What For!? 真実の果実)

What For!? Shinjitsu no Kajitsu (The Fruits of Truth)  battle song for "Starlights ~ Ryuusei Densetsu". It features most of the cast and uses various melodies from the songs in the musical. (Get Across The Moon, A Shooting Star Light, By Heaven! Kami Nomi zo Shiru and Prince of the Earth) Led by Sailor Chaos, the members of the Shadow Galactica perform verses from "Get Across The Moon". Sailor Moon purifies the evil Tuxedo Kamen and the Shitennou. The Sailor Starlights then arrive and perform verses from "A Shooting Star Light". The Shitennou, being restored to the guardians of Prince Endymion perform verses from "By Heaven! Kami Nomi zo Shiru".  Sailor Chaos and her Sailor Animamtes return again to sing more verses from "Get Across The Moon". Tuxedo Kamen, Eternal Sailor Moon and the Sailor Senshi then performed slightly altered verses from "Prince of the Earth". Then together the cast perform the original lines of "What For!? Shinjitsu no Kajitsu" before Eternal Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibimoon use their 'Starlight Honeymoon Double Therapy Kiss' to turn Sailor Chaos back into Sailor Galaxia.




Across the space
Across the space

今 試してやる 錆びれた愛が

Get across the moon
Get across the moon



A shooting star
A shooting star light

A shooting star
A shooting star light

You missing ring
You can depend on me

By Heaven!滅ぶべき物は
By Heaven!ムーンキャッスル
By Heaven!我無垢なる者
By Heaven!きらめきの石



知らない 知らない

By Heaven!神のみぞ知る!
By Heaven!

Heaven knows!

今 教えてやる 愚者の知恵が
Get across the moon
Get across the moon

憎しみは 知れたものさ
ひとひらの 愛に勝てやしない
Pride of place
色なす希望 蘇れ


Pride of before a fall
未来への勇気 試そう
Pride of before a fall
未来への想い 結ぼう

I'm the Prince!
I'm the Princess!

We're Soldier 

of the space!!

What for!誰のために



Koi! ikari no keshin
Haritsuita namida no 

Hane yaki tsukushite
Koi! ikari no tenshi
Dorehodo no kanashimi ni taete kita ka

Across the space
Hikari wa yami wo yobi
Across the space
Yami wa hikari wo yobu

Ima tameshita yaru sabireta ai ga
Dorehodo no kuzu wo umidashita no ka
Kono sakkidatsu kidou wa senritsu no Spark

Get across the moon
Get across the moon
Omae wa kono ude ni 

Fureru koto mo kana wazu

Kono tatakai ga itsumade tsuzuite mo
Kurushimi wa deau tame no kako
Mata kiseki no tame ni umarete kuru to
Kanashimi ni kagi wo kaketa no wa itsu

A shooting star
Furisosogu purizumu no ame
A shooting star light
Bokura wa kakete kita

A shooting star
Itsuka mita tenkuu no shiro
A shooting star light
Yakusoku no tobira hiraku made

You missing ring
You can depend on me

By Heaven! horobu beki mono wa
By Heaven! muun kyassuru
By Heaven! ware muku naru mono
By Heaven! kirameki no ishi

Warera shitennou 

Chikyuu-koku no eien
Sore igai no tadashisa wo 

shiranai shiranai

By Heaven! kami nomi zo shiru!
By Heaven! 

Heaven knows!

Ima oshiete yaru gusha no chie ga
Dorehodo no tsumi wo umidashita no ka
Kono senritsu no uchuu wa nouzui no Spark
Get across the moon
Get across the moon
Omae wa kono hada ni fureru koto mo dekinai

Nikushimi wa shireta mono sa
Hitohira no ai ni katte yashinai
Pride of place
Iro nasu kibou yomigaere

Nani ga risei wo kuruwaseta
Nani wo gisei ni ikite kita
Kotae no nai meiro no naka demo
Hito wa naze yume wo motomeru

Pride of before a fall
Mirai e no yuuki tamesou
Pride of before a fall
Mirai e no omoi musubou

I'm the Prince!
I'm the Princess!

We're Soldier 

Of the space!!

What for! dare no tame ni
Nan no tame ni ikiru no
Mou ai wa umarenai to
Ima tamesareru tamashii no toki
Harisakeru ginga wa 
Honnou no kajitsu
Hikari wa mujitsu no yami wo yobi
Yami wa tsumi naru hikari wo yobu
Warera mina shinjitsu no senshi

Kono mune no hoshi wo kakete tatakau! 

English Translation

Come! Incarnation of hatred 
Wear out the clinging tears 

On your burnt wings 
Come! Angel of hatred 
How much sadness will you respond to?

Across the space! 
The light calls to the darkness 
Across the space! 
The darkness calls to the light

Now, we shall attempt to ruin love 
Let's test how much that trash can bring 
This frenzied orbit trembles by our Spark

Get across the moon 
Get across the moon 
Come across these wrists and 

Suffer under my wish

For how long will this battle continue 
Enduring agony for the sake of the past 
Still for the sake of coming birth of a miracle 
When shall we receive the key to our misery

A shooting star 
The prism rain is falling 
A shooting star light 
We have come swiftly

A shooting star 
Someday that castle in the sky will be seen 
A shooting star light 
Until that door of promise opens

You missing ring 
You can depend on me

By Heaven! The very thing we must destroy 
By Heaven! The Moon Castle 
By Heaven! You, shall become the pure one 
By Heaven! The Glittering jewel

We are the Shitennou 

From the Eternal Earth country 
Anything other than what is just, 

We know not, we know not

By Heaven! God Only Knows
By Heaven! 

Heaven knows!

Now, we shall teach those fools some sense 
Let's test how much more sin they can bring 
This galaxy will shiver at my mind's Spark 
Get across the moon 
Get across the moon 
You are even unable to touch this body

Your hatred has been discovered 
You'll never know the petals of love 
Pride of place 
We'll restore the purple colour of hope

How was all reason led astray 
What was sacrificed to bring this to life 
There's no answer to this labyrinth 
Even so, people continue to follow dreams

Pride of before a fall 
Let's try for a future with courage 
Pride of before a fall 
Let's link our feelings together for the future

I'm the prince 
I'm the princess 

We're Soldier 

Of the space!! 

What for! For whom's purpose 
For what purpose do we exist? 
No more love will be born 
Now is the time to test our souls 
This breaking apart galaxy
is the fruit of our instinct 
The light calls to the innocent darkness 
The darkness calls to the sinful light 
Every one of us is a true Soldier

Betting the stars in our hearts, we shall fight!

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