Sailor Moon, Episodes 1-8

Episode # 1 -  "Crybaby Usagi's Magnificent Transformation" 


Usagi Tsukino, a seemingly ordinary 14 year old girl rescues a black cat from some young bullies. The cat, Luna announces Usagi as her destiny as the "Soldier of Love and Justice, Sailor Moon" and her mission to find the Princess of the Moon. Sailor Moon arrives at her best friend Naru's mother's jewellery store "Osa-P" for her first battle against a monster named Morga. With the aid of the mysterious Tuxedo Kamen, Sailor Moon makes her decision as a Sailor Soldier.


Usagi Tsukino transforms into Sailor Moon for the first time 

All of Haruna Sakurada's dreams of the future are crushed by Umino 

Episode # 2 - "I'll Punish You! The House of Fortune is a Youma Mansion" 

(おしおきよ! 占いハウスは妖魔の館 )

A new mansion that gives fortune readings appears in Azabu-Juuban. Meanwhile, many of the boys at Usagi's school including Umino start to acting oddly. Luna must coax Usagi to transform into Sailor Moon a second time to defeat the new Youma, Balm.

Episode # 3 - Mysterious Sleeping Illness, Protect the Loving Hearts of Maidens" 


An unlisted radio channel known as Midnight Zero, hosted by a mysterious man intrigues girls and women across Tokyo. Midnight Zero reads out the love letters sent in by fans and the fan also receives a purple flower brooch that causes permanent sleep. After Naru and Haruna Sakurada fall victim to the flowers, Sailor Moon, with a new special tool invades the Radio Station and comes face to face with Shitennou, Jadeite who had been behind the two previous attacks.

Moon Tiara Action proves ineffective against Jadeite

Happy eating Usagi is interrupted by Mamoru 

Episode # 4 - "Usagi Will Instruct You! How to Become Slim"

(うさぎが教えます! スリムになる法 )

Usagi worries that she is getting a little too chubby and her nemesis, Mamoru is no help. After being impressed with her teacher's results at the new Gym Shapely, Usagi and her friends decide to work out. Nonetheless, it turns out to be yet another of Jadeite's plans and Sailor Moon must fight hypnotized bodybuilders. 

Episode # 5 - "The Fragrance of a Youma! The Chanela Steal Love"

妖魔の香り! シャネーラは愛を盗む)

Usagi wishes Luna to be accepted by the other members of the Tsukino Household, in particular, her little brother Shingo. However, Shingo gets a new pet called a Chanela instead, the latest trend in Tokyo. Shingo soon becomes obsessed with his pet and Sailor Moon must fight off a group of brainwashed Chanel owners and the latest Youma.

Luna is at last welcomed into the Tsukino Family by Shingo 

A disguised Usagi infiltrates a Jazz Club with Luna as an accessory 

Episode # 6 - "Protecting the Melody of Love! Usagi the Cupid"

(守れ恋の曲! うさぎはキューピッド)

Naru shares the jazz pianist, Yusuke Amade's album with Usagi. Meanwhile, Jadeite tries to use soundwaves to drain energy by inserting a cassette into popular human music. However, the cassette is removed and Jadeite sends the Youma, Kyurene to retrieve it, who chases Yusuke. Usagi and Luna run into Yusuke and decide to watch over him in case the Youma shows up again. After Kyurene steals the cassette off Yusuke, Usagi, Luna and Yusuke must pursue the Youma back the recording studio.

Episode # 7 - "Usagi Reconsiders! The Road to Being a Star is Severe!"

(うさぎ反省! スターの道はきびしい)

Popular idol, Mikan Shiratori holds an idol caravan event. The Youma, Derella, takes over her body and uses the Cinderella Caravan to collect energy for the Dark Kingdom. Usagi must now rescue Naru, Umino and many other civilians caught up in Derella's hype.

Mikan Shiratori is attacked by Derella in the shower

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