Episode # 8 - "Is The Prodigy Girl a Youma? The Terror of the Brainwashing Juku"

(天才少女は妖魔なの? 恐怖の洗脳塾)

Usagi becomes acquainted with the child prodigy, Ami Mizuno. Although believed to be snobby, Usagi seems that Ami is merely a shy girl and wonders if she could teach her some studying tricks. However, Ami's juku is infiltrated by the enemy, yet Ami seems unaffected, against Garoben, Sailor Moon finally gains a new ally in Ami, as she is revealed to be the Soldier of Water and Wisdom, Sailor Mercury.

At the Crystal Seminar, Ami is revealed to be Sailor Mercury

Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury rush into the youma's mysterious dimension 

Episode # 9 - "Usagi's Misfortune! Beware the Rushing Clocks"

(うさぎの災難! あわて時計にご用心)
Ami and Usagi go on a trip to Harajuku where a clock store is becoming very popular. The people of Tokyo who bought the clocks become very impatient and rush to get their tasks done at a dangerous pace. With her new ally behind her, Sailor Moon finds the clock store as the source of the trouble.

Episode # 10 - "The Cursed Bus! Senshi of Flame, Mars Appears!"

(呪われたバス! 炎の戦士マーズ登場)

Rumours circulate about a phantom bus on Sendai Hill where a mysterious psychic priestess named Rei Hino lives and works at Hikawa Shrine with her grandfather. When people start go missing after visiting the Shrine, people start to believe Rei is to blame. When Rei herself is kidnapped by the phantom bus driver, Sailor Moon is determined to save her, to Usagi's delight. Rei is revealed to be yet another Sailor Senshi, Soldier of Flame, Sailor Mars.

Sailor Moon and the new senshi, Sailor Mars are informed of the closing vortex 

Sailors Moon and Mars are confronted by the mysterious Dream Princess 

Episode # 11 - "Usagi and Rei's Showdown? A Nightmare in Dreamland" 

(うさぎとレイ対決? 夢ランドの悪夢)

The new trio of Sailor Senshi investigate mysterious disappearings at a theme-park called Dreamland. Ami and Luna break away while Rei and Usagi head off together. Rei and Usagi's personalities begin to cause conflict between each other but they must come together to save Ami and the other civilians kidnapped by the Dream Princess. 

Episode # 12 - "Even I Want a Boyfriend! The Luxury Cruise Trap"

(私だって彼が欲しい! 豪華船のワナ)

Rei uses her psychic powers to win a lottery draw with the top prize being a luxury cruise. To Usagi's dismay, she invites Ami along as neither of them have a boyfriend. A jealous Usagi stowaways on-board with Luna. Queen Beryl meanwhile grants Jadeite her own Youma, Thetis to aid him in his latest plan, which involves using the cruise to steal energy. 

Rei uses her psychic powers to win tickets for a luxury cruise 

Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars and Luna confront Jadeite for the final time 

 Episode # 13 - "The Girls United! The End of Jadeite"

(女の子は団結よ! ジェダイトの最期)

Queen Beryl is furious with Jadeite for his constant failures, and the destruction of her Youma, Thetis seems to have been a tipping point. She gives Jadeite one last chance to redeem himself and defeat the Sailor Senshi. Jadeite sends a challenge to Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars to meet him at the airport for a showdown.

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