Episode # 60 - "An Angel? A Devil? The Mysterious Girl From the Sky"

(天使? 悪魔? 空から来た謎の少女) 

The mysterious girl Chibiusa falls out of the sky and onto Usagi's neck 

The wind spoils Berthier's plans to advertise Otafukuya

Episode # 61 - "Usagi's Great Shock! Mamoru Announces a Breakup"

(うさぎ大ショック!! 衛の絶交宣言) 

Episode # 62 - " The Friendship of the Soldiers! Farewell, Ami"

(戦士の友情! さよなら亜美ちゃん) 

 Ami makes an important decision to remain a Sailor Senshi rather than study in Germany

 Makoto and Minako express concern of Rei's Grandfather and Usagi does not

Episode # 63 - "Women are Strong and Beautiful! Rei's New Special Move"

(女は強く美しく! レイの新必殺技) 

Episode # 64 - "Searching For the Silver Crystal! Chibiusa's Secret"

(銀水晶を求めて! ちびうさの秘密) 

Berthier observes Petz's failure to scare out the Rabbit 

Minako and Makoto fight over a jewel chosen specifically for Usagi 

Episode # 65 - "Dispute Over Love! Minako and Makoto in Confrontation"

(恋の論争! 美奈子とまことが対立) 

Episode # 66 - "Usagi's Parental Love? A Curry Triangle Connection"

(うさぎの親心? カレーな三角関係) 

Petz receives orders from Rubeuys while Calaveras eats lemon slices

Chibiusa's new friend Kirin shows affection

Episode # 67 - "The Sea! An Island! Vacation! The Soldiers Relax"


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