Episode # 54 - "Is This Cultural Festival For Me? Queen Rei Sings With Passion"

(文化祭は私のため!? レイ女王熱唱) 

Queen Rei sings "Eien no Melody" at T.A. Girl's Academy's Bukansai 

Makoto tells Seijuurou all about her senpai who broke her heart 

Episode # 55 - "Is Seijuurou the Moonlight Knight? Mako All Fired Up"

(月影は星十郎? 燃えるまこちゃん) 

Episode # 56 - "Steal a Kiss from Mamoru!  An's Snow White Strategy"

(衛のキス奪え! アンの白雪姫作戦)

The crowd cheer for an encore from the Sailor Senshi after their battle against Bipierrot 

Rei is reluctant to go help Sailor Mercury against a cardian due to an interesting movie 

Episode # 57 - "Be Careful After School! Usagi Targeted"

(放課後にご用心! 狙われたうさぎ) 

Episode # 58 - "Disagreement in the Hearts of Love! The Fury of the Makaiju"

(すれちがう愛の心! 怒りの魔界樹) 

At a fan performance of Sailor Moon's  first battle against Morga, Yamandakka ruins everything 

An dies in Eiru's arms after saving him from the wrath of the Makaiju 

Episode # 59 -"The Awakening of True Love! The Secret of the Makaiju"

(めざめる真実の愛! 魔界樹の秘密) 

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