Episode # 96 - "The Cruelty of Uranus? Makoto in a Pinch"

(冷酷なウラヌス? まことのピンチ)

Usagi unconsciously implies that she thinks Makoto is a lesbian, then laughs it off 

Michiru challenges Ami to a swimming race

Episode # 97 - "A Labyrinth of Water! Ami is Targeted"

(水のラピリンス! ねらわれた亜美) 

Episode # 98 - "To Rescue Friends! Moon and Uranus Form an Alliance"

(友達を救え! ムーンウラヌス連合) 

Sailor Moon and Sailor Uranus are handcuffed together by Kaolinite's latest daimon 

Usagi cheers on Yuuchirou to go for Rei 

Episode # 99 - "The Kindness of a Man! Does Yuuchirou Have an Unrequited Love For Rei?"

(男の優しさ! 雄一郎レイに失恋?) 

Episode # 100 - "Wanting to Retire from the Sailor Senshi!? Minako's Distress"

(S戦士をやめたい!? 美奈子の悩み) 

Artemis tries to cheer up an anxious Minako 

 Kaolinite reveals she has Usagi's Cosmic Heart Compact in her possession

Episode # 101 - "Usagi in Tears! Glass Shoes for her Birthday"

(うさぎ涙! 誕生日にガラスの靴を) 

Episode # 102 - "A Pure Heart is Stolen! Usagi Faces Absolute Death"

(奪われた純な心! うさぎ絶体絶命) 

The Sailor Senshi power up and attack Kaolinite with their 'Sailor Planet Attack'

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