Episode # 103 - "The Little Bishoujo Senshi Has Come" 


Chibiusa returns as the new Bishoujo Senshi, Sailor Chibimoon's attack fails 

 At a tea ceremony, Usagi can't take the pressure of sitting still

Episode # 104 - "Seeking Friends! Chibimoon's Great Efforts"

(友達を求めて! ちびムーンの活躍) 

Episode # 105 - "Give Me Strength! Makochan's Hesitant Path"

(力が欲しい! まこちゃんの迷い道) 

Kakusui Yakushiji, a Buddhist monk is attack by Eudial while he gives advice to a Makoto in a slump 

Michiru becomes slightly disheartened when she meets Haruka for the first time 

Episode # 106 - "The Bonds of Fate! The Distant Days of Uranus"

(運命のきずな! ウラヌスの遠い日) 

Episode # 107 - "The Arts are an Explosion of Love! Chibiusa's First Love"

(芸術は愛の爆発! ちびうさの初恋) 

Eudial confronts a small child 

Usagi accidentally gets drunk at a party 

Episode # 108 - "Usagi's Dance, in Step to a Waltz"


Episode # 109 - "A Moment of Shock! Each One's Identity Revealed"

(衝撃の刻! 明かされた互いの正体) 

 A confused Usagi tries to calm down Minako, whose pure heart is removed causing extensive giggling

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