Episode # 156 - "Never Lost Sight of Your Dreams! The Mirror Reflects the Truth"

(夢を見失わないで! 真実を映す鏡) 

CereCere poses for her portrait after bribing a starving artist

Chibimoon rudely refuses to answer VesVes's question on if she's alone or not today

Episode # 157 - "Pegasus Has Vanished? Shaky Friendships"

(ペガサスが消えた!? ゆれ動く友情) 

Episode # 158 - "The Secret of Pegasus! The Handsome Youth Who Guards the Dream World" 

A grown-up Chibiusa rides on the back of Pegasus 

Zirconia receives her orders from Queen Nehellenia 

Episode # 159 - "Chibiusa's Little Rhapsody of Love"


Episode # 160 - "Dreams to Become Adults! The Confusion of the Amazoness Quartet"

(大人になる夢! アマゾネスの当惑)  

The Amazoness Quartet attend a coming-of-age ceremony but are unable to understand the point 

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