Episode # 161 - "Dread Begins to Move! The Evil Influence of the Queen of Darkness"

The Sailor Senshi are controlled by PallaPalla's voodoo doll 

Queen Nehellenia speaks from her mirror 

 Episode # 162 - "The Centre of the Darkness Is The Dead Moon Circus"

(闇の震源地 デッドムーンサーカス)

Episode # 163 - "A Labyrinth of Mirrors! Chibimoon is Captured"

(鏡の迷宮! 捕えられたちびムーン) 

Super Sailor Moon faces temptation from an apparent reflection of her true self

Queen Nehellenia takes control of the Golden Crystal 

Episode # 164 - "The Appearance of the Golden Crystal! Nehellenia's Magic Power"


Episode # 165 - "It's Time For the Crystal to Shine! The Power of Beautiful Dreams"

(クリスタル輝く時! 美しき夢の力) 

Sailor Chibimoon calls upon the people of Earth to summon their power of dreams into the Crystal

Chibiusa and Pegasus bid farewell to each other 

 Episode # 166 - "Dreams are Eternal! The Skies are Full of Light"

(夢よいつまでも! 光、天に満ちて)

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