Episode # 167 - "When A Nightmare Scatters Flowers! Revival of the Dark Queen"

(悪夢花を散らす時! 闇の女王復活)

Usagi's Ultimate Form: Eternal Sailor Moon
Usagi reverts back to Super Sailor Moon after using all her energy against the Mirror Paedri

 Episode # 168 - "The Awakening of Saturn! The Gathering of the Ten Sailor Senshi"

(サターンの目覚め! S10戦士集結)

 Episode # 169 - "The Cursed Magic Mirror! Mamoru is Seized By The Nightmare"

(呪いの魔鏡! 悪夢にとらわれた衛)

 Michiru watches a disturbing broadcast about a new disease

 The Senshi are shocked as Usagi flies off willingly into Nehellenia's world

 Episode # 170 - "A Night of Destiny! The Trials of the Sailor Senshi"

(運命の一夜! セーラー戦士の苦難)

 Episode # 171 - "For The Sake of Love! The Neverending Battle in Hell"

(愛ゆえに! 果てしなき魔界の戦い)

 Sailor Chibimoon and Sailor Saturn arrive at Nehellenia's castle to rescue Mamoru

 Queen Nehellenia is Faced with the Entire Sailor Team, in their Final Battle Together

 Episode # 172 - "Love's Moon Power! When The Nightmare End"

(愛のムーンパワー! 悪夢の終わる時)

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