Episode # 19 - "Usagi is Overjoyed! Tuxedo Kamen's Love Letter"

(うさぎ感激! タキシード仮面の恋文) 

 Usagi receives a love letter from none other than Tuxedo Kamen, when she arrives at school the next day, however, it turns out that everyone has received the same letter to meet "Tuxedo Kamen" at a department store. Haruna, upset at not receiving a letter, commands her female students that it is far too dangerous to go to the anonymous summons. Naru doesn't heed her warning and ends up meeting a disguised Nephrite.

Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen are saved by Sailor Mercury and Mars

Ami witnesses Sakiko summoning a phantom apparition 

Episode # 20 - "Summer! The Sea! The Springtime of Our Lives! And a Phantom Spirit Too!

(夏よ海よ青春よ! おまけに幽霊もよ)

Luna announces that Ami, Rei and Usagi are going training at a beach. When they arrive they discover ghoulish hotel staff and a young girl who summons spirits. Ami tries to confront the father while Usagi attempts to get away from it all. 

Episode # 21 - "Protecting the Dreams of Children! A Friendship Linked Through Anime"

(子供達の夢守れ! アニメに結ぶ友情) 

 There's a Sailor V Movie in progress and Rei and Usagi are excited for it, they even go to the animation studio to have a look around. 

Director Asatou complains that Sailor V isn't sexy enough

Usagi and Tuxedo Kamen fall from the balacony

Episode # 22 - "Romance Under the Moon! Usagi's First Kiss"

(月下のロマンス! うさぎの初キッス) 

Episode # 23 - "Wish Upon a Shooting Star! Naruchan's Pure Love"

(流れ星に願いを! なるちゃんの純愛)  

Mayumi catches her daughter stealing from her jewelry store

Nephrite doesn't understand the concept of Naru 

Episode # 24 - "Naruchan's Lamentation! Nephrite Dies For Love"

(なるちゃん号泣! ネフライト愛の死)

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