Episode # 14 - "A New Formidable Opponent, Nephrite's Demonic Mark"


Usagi wants to prove that she's capable of being Sailor Moon. While Beryl sends her next Shitennou, Nephrite into Tokyo. His first target is a tennis-playing friend of Naru. Sailor Moon tries to take of this new kind of Youma alone, but ends up once again needing Tuxedo Kamen's assistance. 

Sailor Moon trapped in a giant tennis ball by Tesuni 

Rei and Mamoru have coffee in a cafe after he steps on her head

Episode # 15 - "Usagi's in a Hurry! Reichan's First Date" 

(うつぎアセる! レイちゃん初デート)

Rei tries to date Mamoru while Usagi frets at falling behind in the dating game. Meanwhile Ami's caretaker friend Kunitachi tries to defend his park from being turned into buildings. Nephrite selects him as his latest target. 

Episode # 16 - "Dreams of a Pure White Dress! Usagi Becomes a Bride"

(純白ドレスの夢! うさぎ花嫁になる) 

Usagi's home economics teacher is getting married who is entering a wedding dress competition. Usagi and Rei try to enter as well despite neither of them being capable of sewing. Nephrite chooses Usagi's teacher as a target, who becomes harsh and rude even to her own fiancee. 

Ikuko catches Usagi trying to steal her favourite curtains for a wedding dress 

Sailor Moon saves Kijin Shinokawa from his youma-infused camera 

Episode # 17 - "Is the Model Usagi? The Focus of the Camera Youma"

(モデルはうさぎ? 妖魔カメラの熱写)

A young photographer named Kijin Shinokawa acquires some fame in Tokyo. Rei tries to get his authograph while Usagi, Naru and even Haruna receive invitations to be models. However, it soon turns out that Kijin is possessed by yet another of Nephrite's Youma.

 Episode # 18 - "Shingo's Pure Heart! The French Doll of Sorrow"

(進伍の純情! 哀しみのフランス人形)

Usagi takes on the big sister role to her little brother Shingo who apparently has been having girl-trouble. Shingo had accidentally broken a gift-doll of the talented young dollmaker Mika and Usagi insists that he apologizes. However, when Shingo does try, Mika refuses to accept his apology. 

Mika gives an embarrased Shingo her prized handmade doll

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