Episode # 47 - "The Revival of Moon! The Arrival of the Mysterious Aliens"

(ムーン復活! 謎のエイリアン出現) 

As a new battle begins, Sailor Moon bids farewell to ordinary Usagi 

The Five Sailor Senshi are united once again 

Episode # 48 - "For Love and Justice! Sailor Soldiers Once More"

(愛と正義ゆえ! セーラー戦士再び) 

Episode # 49 - "For Whom is This White Rose? The Moonlight Knight Appears!

(白いバラは誰に? 月影の騎士登場) 

The mysterious Tsukikage no Knight makes his appearance 

Kenji and Singo awkwardly run into Usagi at a Virtual Reality Theatre 

Episode # 50 - "Usagi's Crisis! The Tiara Doesn't Work"

(うとぎの危機! ティアラ作動せず)


Episode # 51 - "The New Transformation! Usagi Powers Up!"

(新しき変身! うさぎパワーアップ) 

Sailor Moon reverts back to Usagi when she is not strong enough to beat Reci 

Minako is snubbed by the children of the twenty-first century 

Episode # 52 - "Targeted Kindergarteners! A Grand Performance For Venus"

(狙われた園児! ヴィーナス大活躍)

Episode # 53 - "Mamoru and Usagi's Babysitting Turmoil"


After much turmoil, Usagi finally manages to fill a bottle of warm milk for Manami 

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