Episode # 110 - "The Deaths of Uranus and Neptune? The Talismas Make Their Appearance"

 (ウラヌス達の死? タリスマン出現)

Sailor Uranus belives she catches a glimpse of the Messiah

Sailor Pluto, with the last talisman summons the Holy Grail 

Episode # 111 - "The Mystic Power of the Holy Grail! Moon's Double Transformation"

(聖杯の神秘な力! ムーン二段変身) 

Episode # 112 - "Who Is the True Messiah? The Chaos Between the Light and the Shadows"

(真の救世主は誰? 光と影のカオス) 

 Chibiusa's new friend, Hotaru Tomoe and her father

 Hotaru feels a power from the Ginzuishou in Usagi's Cosmic Heart Compact

Episode # 113 - "A House With a Drifting Ghostly Presence! The Secret of the Beautiful Girl, Hotaru"

(妖気漂う家! 美少女ほたるの秘密) 

Episode # 114 - "I Love Idols! The Troubled Mimete"

(アイドル大好き! 悩めるミメット)

Mimete and Minako audition at an idol caravan 

Hotaru is comforted by Chibiusa in hospital 

Episode # 115 - "A Shadow of Silence!? The Swaying Light of a Faint Firefly"

(沈黙の影!? あわき蛍火のゆらめき) 

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