Episode # 116 - "Clear Skies Following a Storm! A Friendship Devoted to Hotaru" 

Usagi and Mamoru take Chibiusa and Hotaru on a picnic with a local botanist 

Mimete proves to everyone that everything is just 'daijoobu' 

Episode # 117 - "Higher, Stronger! Usagi, the Cheerleader"

(より高くより強く! うさぎの応援) 

Episode # 118 - "The Battle in the Dimension of an Evil Spirit! The Sailor Senshi's Gamble

(魔空の戦い! セーラー戦士の賭け) 

U-Ikasaman reminds us to always read instructions 

The identity of Sailor Saturn is revealed to be Hotaru 

Episode # 119 - "The Awakening of the Messiah of Silence? The Stars of Destiny"

(沈黙のメシア覚せい? 運命の星々) 

Episode # 120 - "An Invasion From Another Dimension! The Mystery of Mugen Gakuen"

(異次元からの侵略! 無限学園の謎) 

The Sailor Senshi are guided to the lecture hall after being frightened by a menacing looking guard 

Sailor Pluto protects Sailor Chibimoon from Tellur's attack 

Episode # 121 - "The Heart-Stealing Bewitching Flower! The Third Witch, Tellur"

(心を奪う妖花! 第三の魔女テルル)  

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