Episode # 122 - "Believe In Love! Ami, A Kindhearted Senshi"

(愛を信じて! 亜美、心優しき戦士)

Viluy, disguised as Yui Bidou greets Ami Mizuno and her less talented friends

The last of the Witches 5: Cyprine and Ptilol 

 Episode # 123 - "Shadows of Ruin! The Messiah of Silence Awakens"

(破滅の影! 沈黙のメシアの目覚め)

 Episode # 124 - "The Terror of The Looming Shadow! The Struggle of the Eight Senshi"

(迫り来る闇の恐怖! 苦戦の8戦士)

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune fight Germatoid with the Talismans

Sailor Saturn tells Sailor Moon her true purpose 

 Episode # 125 - "The Shining Falling Star! Saturn and the Messiah"

(輝く流星! サターンそして救世主)

 Episode # 126 - "New Life! Time of Farewell For The Stars of Destiny"

(新しき生命! 運命の星々別離の時) 

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune pledge allegience to their Princess 

Sailor Chibimoon delivers the girls proof that even as Neo-Queen Serenity, Usagi is still Usagi

 Episode # 127 - "The Self-awareness of a Senshi! The Strength Within a Pure Heart"

(戦士の自覚! 強さは純な心の中に)

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